IKO COURSES - Instructor training

IKO COURSES - Instructor training

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Glisse & Kite in partnership with the IKO Windmagic center organizes “professional kitesurfing instructors” training for people who already know how to kite and who want to share their passion for this board sport with others.

You will be trained and qualified according to the standards set by IKO, International Kiteboarding Organization. When you graduate you can safely teach this sport and you have the opportunity to travel teaching kiteboarding in different amazing places around the world.


To be certified as an IKO Level 1 instructor you must first do an internship as an Assistant Instructor (ATC), a 5-day course costs 560 euros. Then you can do the 5-day Instructor Training (ITC) which costs 860 euros.

 Preparation week / Coaching

You do not have the prerequisite level of practice to enter the training, or do you want to improve your kitesurfing level?

Windmagic offers a week of intensive kite coaching to prepare you to participate in ATC and / or ITC training, and to navigate with more confidence. The week consists of five half-days including 2 hours of coaching on the water and costs 400 euros (equipment not included).

The dates for 2022:

Coaching: April 4/8 - April 25/29 - May 16/20 - June 6/10 

ATC: April 11/15 - May 2/6 - May 23/27 - June 13/17 

MFA: April 16 - May 7 - May 28 -  June 18 

ITC: April 18/22 - May 9/13 - May 30 / June 3 - June 20/24 


Training according to the chosen formula.

Good to know

COVID 19 - Le protocole mis en place par Glisse & Kite pour la pratique des sports de voile et glisse

The prerequisites for entry into ATC training:

- Be at least 16 years old (applicants under 18 must obtain parental consent).

- Have an IKO level 4 or equivalent level kitesurfing certification. (These techniques are all evaluated during ATC training)

The prerequisites for entering ITC training:

- Be at least 18 years old

- Have an IKO level 4 or equivalent level kitesurfing certification. (These techniques are all evaluated during the ITC training)

- Have a valid IKO ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR certification. (5 days before ITC, price 560 €)

- Have a FIRST AID certificate (we organize a first aid course just before each ITC, price € 100).

Registration and further information, please contact Stephen Jones - Tel: 06 85 95 33 34 - e.mail: info@windmagic.eu

Download the registration form : Fiche d'inscription IKO 

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Base de loisirs, étang de Pissevaches
11560 Saint-Pierre-la-Mer
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